Why did Riot make Kayle so BORING to play? Will they fix her playstyle?

The rework really put kayle in a rough spot. Mainly due to her kit's design after reworked to make her weak early and able to fight late. This is the most boring style of play I've ever seen. Her kit and damage early mean if someone picks a lane bully she'll pretty much be shut down the entire match. Currently she's being forced into 2 keystones Fleet Footwork, or Klepto just to survive the laning and mid game phase. With Klepto being really risky. I understand the fear of what buffing her could do to make her get out of hand esp with her "cordinated" team fighting ability. Had to put that one in quotes due to if its not, she sucks. She's squishy so even after getting her damage lategame she can easily be shutdown and oneshot if she builds any of her current meta builds, thats early or lategame. Infact she's forced into a build that keeps her squishy. This is really really bad for a top lane champion. Really bad because it goes against to general things about top laners. They are usually 90% of the time the tank or Bruiser of the team. Kayle is built like a ADC or Midlaner though. This leaves team comps that have her lacking in the front line. Also she doesn't have escapes like other midlaners or adcs doesn't matter if its shun po, viegar stun, varus stun, talon's vault etc... I these tools in a kit are what allows those champions to be build full damage. Even teemo has a blind, ms boost and slow who is arguebly built like Kayle sometimes. Kayle has a slight ms boost and low scaling heal. Another way she can be built is like tryda who like her needs farm and items to take off. Only he gets a slow, damage reduction, crit chance boost, and ult that lets him attack with a high scaling heal. Lets not even for get his engage/disengage spin for escape or kills. What does Kalye get? Low hp, Low ad, average ms, low scaling ablitys, an ult that prevents her attacking, and a playstyle that is more borring than the old 20min Nasus stacking under turrets. Because thats exactly what she is gonna be doing. Playing far back, farming under her turret with 0 chance to win lane. Why? because her Kit is focused on levels. 16 hitting its last power spike, only most games don't even make it to level 16. For that you need a 35min game atleast. Her build? well so she can get to full build your gonna need about 300 CS to get there more or less. Which is far above the games average champion needed CS. But she can't really get away from it like other champions. She needs all the damage she can get. This also blocks her off from any tanky items, that would allow her to atleast duel it out with a bruiser. Add it all up and while her transformations and lv 11 and 16 are cool. She's boring and honestly not viable for competitve play at all. She simply doesn't have what a team needs and can't 1v5 due to her squishyness. I suggest reworking her rework abit or buffing her base stats to the point she can win lane. Make her ranged from the start, buff her base damage, hp, add some armor and mr to her kit do something Riot otherwise Kayle will become the Yorick before rework who was the least played champion. Sure people playing her now because shes new but already she's become less and less picked Why? She's simply to fucking weak early game. And requires to much Farm. Take the level system out of her kit, would be a good start and let it stack up with her aa from the get go. Make her ranged all the time. and buff that heal on her W its way to low.

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