LLStylish and RiotBlaustoise discussing Zed

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After LLStylish, Laceration, and Faker, Riot is also saying that zed is weak. In this video, LLStylish shows that zed has the least damage in an all-in at level 3 between Kassadin and Akali although Zed should counter Kassadin. Secondly Stylish tells RiotBlaustoise Zed's W cooldown issue, namely Zed's W is his only trade (since 1 shuriken doesn't count as a trade because of how little damage it does), escape and wave clear ability but it is on a 22 seconds cd, whereas Akali's W has 21 seconds cooldown, Leblanc's W has 18 seconds cd and these abilities aren't as important for these champion as Zed's W is for him. Another issue is his and his opponents' itemization options. Zed's only good build is {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3036}}. The problem here is, Black Cleaver's smaller items are useless so you are really weak until you complete it and Black Cleaver has a stacking armor penetration but as Zed, if you don't deal enough damage with your W+E+2Q combo you won't kill him. So you can't use Black Cleaver that good. Other option would be transcendence with 30% cdr but then you can't take triumph which is really good on zed and you will have 30% cdr unless you don't buy a 10%cdr item which isn't optimal in most cases. Problem with the zed's opponents itemization is if they are AP they can buy seeker's armguard which is 45 armor with full stacks, (stopwatch which counters zed's all kit) and then upgrade it to Zhonya's for a really low price. That will reduce Zed's damage output significantly even though he is 1 level higher than this ap champion. If this AP champion also takes 10 armor runes, it is really hard for Zed to do anything. LLStylish talks about the pre-season article that riot wrote, saying that assassins are hard to balance for example if Rengar gets fed he can one-shot anyone and carry the game, but if he falls behind he will be useless. LLStylish's asks if a Jax gets really fed, can he not do those things and carry the game as well? Except he wouldn't be useless if he falls behind since he has his stun and scaling. Assassins, who don't usually have any crowd control ability, can't be useful like Jax if they fall behind. The other difference is that bruisers have a lot more items to pick from, that are way more gold efficient than assassin's (mentioned in the video) but Zed, for example, can only buy the items I mentioned above. The last point I want to make is Zed's early, mid and late game. Since Zed is an assassin you would expect him to have average early, good mid and bad late game win rate. According to champion.gg Zed has a: 50% win rate in 0-20 minutes 45,67% wr in 20-25 minutes 47,66% wr in 25-30 minutes 49,43% wr in 30-40 minutes 51,63% wr in 40+ So he has more win rate the longer the game goes on. The reason behind that is like LLStylish said, Zed isn't a champion before he completes his {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3036}}. I think an assassin who isn't that strong until 30 minutes is a bit weird. I think Zed needs a buff, Lacaration has already written what type of buffs zed could get. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/HIiJwgkc-possible-ways-to-fix-zed and this is Faker saying "Zed is crap". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6HbPBE9Hmk ps: sorry for my bad English
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