Controversial: Every champion released after the 100 mark was an unnecessary addition to the game.

This includes: {{champion:143}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:555}} ...and the up and coming Neeko. All of these champions were mistakes that should never have been committed. Now, before you downvote me to oblivion, hear me out. #1. Over 100 champions to keep track of is damn confusing. 100 champions is already a ton. Not only does every champion release make the entirety of the roster harder to remember, Riot has to account for every single item, rune and summoner spell's synergy with that champion. What might once have been a balanced item or rune can become ridiculously broken overnight due to how well it functions with a newly released champion's kit. #2. Powercreep. Speaking of champion kits, the more champions that get released, the less ideas for champion abilities are left to explore. We've already begun to see examples of two abilities on two different champions that are incredibly similar, sometimes with one being clearly stronger than the other. Take {{champion:59}} and {{champion:164}} as the most obvious examples. Pretty much everything Jarvan IV does, Camille does better. Jarvan has percentage current health damage? Well Camille has TWO different sources of percentage MAXIMUM health damage! Jarvan has Armor Penetration? Well Camille has TRUE DAMAGE! Jarvan has a 15 - 35% slow? Well Camille has a flat 80% slow! Jarvan has a 2 - 15% maximum health shield that costs mana and has a 12 second cooldown? Well Camille has a PASSIVE 10 second cooldown 20% maximum health shield that adapts to what kind of damage type her opponent will deal the most of. Jarvan gets 15 - 25% bonus attack speed? Well Camille gets 40 - 80%! Jarvan has a dash that relies on two of his abilities being used in conjuction? Well Camille has TWO dashes that only require one ability! Jarvan has an Unstoppable leap? Well Camille has an Unstoppable AND untargetable leap! Jarvan creates impassable terrain that enemies can just flash out of and could potentially fuck over his team for 3.5? Well Camille gets impassable terrain that enemies CAN'T flash out of, allies can walk through, and can last up to 4 seconds. Also it gives her percentage maximum health damage on autos. This is not to mention all the ADDITIONAL tools Camille gets that Jarvan doesn't, such as auto attack resets that also increase auto attack range, movement speed ups and heals. The only thing where Jarvan outshines Camille is his 0.75 second knock up, whereas Camille has a 0.75 second stun. The only difference here is that Jarvan's CC is affected by Tenacity. So unless the enemy team is stacking Tenacity like mad men for whatever reason, there is absolutely no reason to pick Jarvan over Camille. And situations like these will only continue to happen as long as champions continue to get released. #3. Balance nightmares. Taking the aforementioned Camille, most, if not all of the champions presented above, have been cause for numerous balance issues. They are either mindnumbingly frustrating to play against, or complete garbage to play as. One half has become some of the most reviled and hated champions in the entire game, whilst the other half have been, and some still are, pure meme material and a laughing stock for how shitty they are. Whether a result of blatantly powerful gimmicks by design inherently present in the champion's kit, or a way too ambitious poorly executed ideas, it seems that the core fundamentals of most of these champions are the result in them being doomed to be either complete monsters, or forced to live out an existence in the gutter. #Conclusion. Most people would tell me that new champion releases are "fresh" and "exciting", and that they are the only things that keep the game from going stale and would "get boring" otherwise. I'm inclined to disagree. I do not think that constant updates are what makes a game fun, but that everything and everyone in it is (seemingly) on fair ground. Everything is viable. Everyone is viable. No item build or rune page is blatantly superior than any other. No champion, class or role is blatantly superior than any other. The chances of success all depends on personal strategy, skill level and enemy matchups. More commonly referred to as a "balanced game". I'd rather have a balanced game that never gets any updates, than a broken game where the white board is wiped every two weeks. The fact that the only thing (allegedly) keeping the game "refreshing" is to see how broken Riot's next release will be honestly disturbs me. I'm not going to blame the state the game is currently in solely on new champion releases, but I do think that they are a major factor. Most of the newer releases would have been much better off as a rework for some of the older champions that desperately need them. Riot needs to put a cap on how many characters they want in the roster at some point, or it will have, and continue to have, dire consequences. What do you fellas think? I'm open to any opposing beliefs that you present. I do not expect a lot of support in my rather controversial opinion.
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