Let’s Discuss: Marksmen

There has been a lot of discussion on the Boards regarding the state of marksmen in League of Legends. Seems like a good time for a megathread! The point of this thread is to try to get some good discussion going around the role of marksmen in the game. With the preseason coming up, this is a time that the meta will almost certainly be shifting. The role of marksmen is something that has been pretty controversial lately, so let’s talk about it! The goal of this thread is to get some good thoughts from the community about what the issue with this class might be and float some ideas about how to “fix it” (if it is indeed broken). The discussion should be focused on the meta and the overall role of adcs, not necessarily just looking at particular adcs or items that are broken (unless you think that’s the whole problem, I guess). As with the other megathreads so far, the goal here is partially to try to lure Riot with our awesome discussion. As a result, we are going to be *aggressively* moderating the discussion here (stricter rules about keeping on topic and being respectful than usual). If you aren’t contributing to the overall goals of the thread, your comment may be removed! Keep things civil!
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