Bring back tanks, and fix the jungle.

Please hear me out on this... every single tank champion made for really good matchmaking, and they actually stopped players from snowballing like mad in big teamfights. Now as a Tank you are struggling in the early game AND late. ADC's with Infinity Edge just wreck your world.. Now whenever players want to grab a goofy champ, they instantly get popped in teamfights. (Poppy..) When tanks are strong.. there were even items that were made to counter them. {{item:3153}} strong vs tanks, with an average mid to late for popping other ADC's {{item:3151}} was so good it had to be nerfed lol I'd say it's time to buff up tank items, but not the ones that counter BoTrK. {{item:3075}} If this item was to be buffed, grievous runes would have to go away. (it also needs some regen or healing so tanks can 2nd item buy it) {{item:3742}} good tank item, doesn't obliterate adc's either. I think it should retain the movement speed if you hit minions or towers though. {{item:3143}} The anti crit passive should definitely go away, in favor for higher base armor and health. The activation on this item has always been terrible (in comparison to {{item:3800}}) Tanks and mages also suffer with the jungle.. {{item:1039}} BUFF IT ALREADY
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