Maybe I'm Just Bad but How is This Ok?

So its still lane phase against Darius ( I'm not complaining about Darius specifically ) it was around at least level 6 or 7 I miss stepped I got yoinked I should be punished for my miss play but the punishment resulted in me taking close to 930 true damage at level 6 or 7. 400 from ult again I'm fine with this since he did get 5 stacks again my bad but then 300 from Conqueror and an additional 230 from {{summoner:14}} Look again I'm perfectly fine with Darius I miss played I should be punished but i feel the ability of dishing out close to 1000 true damage in early levels is kinda insane. Edit: Thank you all for being kind and civilized {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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