Why do I do better playing trolly champions?

Like, I can play assassins, tanks, juggernauts, ADCs, supports and all that just fine, but I tilt hardcore and tend to lose even if I'm massively fed. But if I play Singed, Ivern, The Donger, Taric, Shurima (Azir), Gnar ADC, Lulu jungle / mid and other weird picks... not only am I laughing and having fun the entire time, I win more often. I don't get it. I don't play any better or worse, and in fact I'm just fucking around half the time trolling the enemy team and slightly my team (in a positive way though). Just something weird I've noticed that I can't really explain. Edit: A lot of people are getting the wrong idea, I don't mean troll picks, I just mean really unconventional or uncommonly played champs, or champs who kind of mess with people rather than directly do anything.

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