The reason games are almost all one sided stomps.

Okay. So first blood is just 400-450 gold right? WRONG! You get 400 gold from first blood minimum. Then you get 2 waves of cs advantage Then you get 2 waves of exp advantage. 400 + 240 = 640 gold and then xp. Okay. That’s pretty good. You know, that’s a healthy lead. If it was a cannon wave you basically get a 2 long sword lead on your opponent. That’s pretty good. Then rito came in and tossed in turret plates. So now you get ALL of that. And then at minimum 2 turret plates of gold. Totally another 320 gold. That’s a 960 gold lead from a single kill. One kill. 1000 gold. Now I know what people are going to say. “But they will have a bounty if they keep snowballing!” And my response is… who cares? They have such an immense lead on you now, that you need atleast 2 people to kill them. So let’s say your jungler ganks you and you’re top and you collect that juicy bounty. Hope it’s worth it, cause assuming you didn’t get counter ganked and feed them another 1200 gold, the enemy just went botlane, kill both of them in a 3v2, took 3 more plates and a dragon. Yes. Early leads should be rewarded. But 1000 gold for killing someone ONE TIME WHILE EVEN is a bit much don’t you think?
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