#Coming from #4 in LAN, #263 Global Evelynn Master Season 8 **Evie’s ONLY Problem** Her ONLY problem is *early game*. I am always concerned for Evie in early game because unfortunately Evie is very weak and vulnerable without her camouflage and ulty for escapes/damage. Because of this, we always avoid fighting early game until Evie gets her 6. Even when our team is begging her for a gank, we refuse to gank and i tell them this on Evie’s behalf “Resist” , “Hold on a little longer!” Patiently waiting to acquire her level 6 powerspike. Additionally, it is difficult for Evie to land a Q early game with her starting movement speed, so fighting early game 1v1 with the enemy junlger is always a stupid idea. Missing Evie’s Q will result in an awful trade and can potentially get her killed! Champions don't like to die, its humiliating and embarrassing (Excluding Karthus). Just don’t freakin fight pre 6 to avoid this problem! The champions we ban this season due to strong early counter jg: - Nidalee - Shaco - Jax - And our worst nemesis, Lee Sin. (Has strong 1v1 potential early game, Insane mobility and Survivability). _____ #SOLUTIONS, NO REWORKS & CHANGES ARE NECESSARY! **How to help Evie counter her ONLY weakness** We power-farm until we hit level 6, then we rush boots of penetration or mobilty and start killing everyone!... averaging 3 kills + assists at 10 minutes immediately. **A Reasonable BUFF for Evie and NOTHING MORE!** We were thinking that an *attack damage* or *defence* stat buff would be appropriate to help us defend ourselves more effectively in potential early game fights. **Stop spreading lies and malicious comments about champions!** If you are casual summoner then you most likely dont have any sort of connection with the champions of league of legends. Moreover, you dont know what you are talking about when you are validating a champion. So do us all a favor and keep your hateful comments to yourself before stupid stuff actually happens. {{champion:28}} []( _____ [My Account: OP.GG LAN]( ######OMG Evie is not broken! Assassins are supposed to deal large amounts of burst dmg in a very short period of time! Especially it they are fed!! And thats unfortunate for the enemy team because Evie and I always get fed!!
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