Prediction for new champion based off Riots recent kits!

Hey guys, looking at Riots recent reworks and champions, I&#039;ve got a rough overview for what the next champions kit will look like! I&#039;m drawing this from the new Ryze, Ashe, Tristana, Sion, the released Bard, Kalista, Gnar, Braum, Velkoz, and soon to be Ekko, as well as looking at how the current meta is. Here he is! _**Stacker: The Stacker of Stacks **_ Stacker is a champion that specializes in long fights, getting his stacks onto enemy champions. _Lore: _ It was a sandy day in Shurima. Then, out of the sand, rose **Stacker. ** Something about Azir and Sivir. **Passive:** Sandy Sand Every successive auto onto enemy champions increases the amount of passive stacks. At 5 stacks, Stacker releases a burst of energy that restores his health by 5/7/10% and gives him 30% increased movespeed. We like giving random movespeed buffs onto champions. Free stats is always a good thing. **Q:** Stacking Stacks _Passive:_ Stacker gains an extra stack of stack for every stack he stacks. Active: Stacker releases his stacks to dash to any target area with 1000 range, dealing physical damage in an AOE area where he lands. Here at Riot we&#039;ve found that increased mobility is very beneficial to E-Sports and big plays. Also stacks. **W: ** Sandy Stacks _Passive_: Stacker MARKS champions with his auto attacks. After 4 successive auto attacks, the target takes 5/7/9/11/15% of their MAXIMUM HP in magic damage. Active: Stacker detonates all the stacks on stacked champions, slowing them for 30/40/50/60/80% and dealing 10 + (25% of their missing hp) in physical damage. We also like %hp at Riot. And of course, any champion with mobility must have a slow. **E: ** Sandy Tunnel Stacks Stacker leaves a large tunnel at his position. On top of the tunnel, Stacker gains 3 extra stacks. If this ability is reactivated within 5 seconds, he will dash back to the tunnel. Tunnels will remain for 20 minutes, but cannot be dashed back to after the 5 seconds. Additionally, Stacker permantely gains **1 stacks of glory ** every minion kill. Each stack increases his AP by 0.5. We like the idea of champions leaving lots of random things around the map. Chimes, Tunnels, Sentinels, you name it. Also, we haven&#039;t had a champion with permanent scaling in a while. **R:** Stacky Sands Sibbers Stacker summons a massive stack, Sibbers, while maxing all of his current stacks. This stack can be controlled for 6 seconds, dealing 2/3/5% magic damage to nearby enemies. At the end of the stack, it will exploding dealing 7.58% (+0.315 AP)(+0.13 Total AD &divide; 0.31 Bonus AD) / ((9.4^2 - champion level x 3) -10.3) true damage. More %hp damage! Hell, if this kit is a flop, we&#039;ll just throw in some % hp onto his E. Also, do you see that advanced logarithmic scaling on his true damage? Lyte was at it for months before we got that down. Who knows, maybe it&#039;ll make people less toxic too. **Overview:** Stacker is an advanced champion that is great if you can stack your stacks on enemy champions. He employees healthy combination of magic, physical, and true damage, as well as good AOE and mobility. Disagree with our kit? We&#039;ll be sure to address your concern on ------- **NEW CHROMA PACKS! Stacker will be released with over 5 shades, 10 hues, 12 tints, and 13 tones! Get ready for Majestic Red, Olive Green, Heroic Yellow, all yours for a** _slight RP fee_. P.S. I luv you Riot, no offense meant by this thread. I hope some of you got a good chuckle from it >w<. Have a nice day!
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