Stop autofilling roles which are never played

It is super annoying to go play one or two games and get autofilled into a role I literally never play. I'm an ADC main and I do play top, mid, and support I'm getting better at. But I literally dread the jungle, because I have little pathing awareness and camp clearing times as a jungle. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of these things while in lane and taking the enemy and teammate jungler into account, but not trying to play jungle. Point being, I don't believe it is right to have in draft mode/ranked, your primary and secondary roles. Yet still get autofilled into a role which you have near NO decent experience. It is not fair to me, to need to dodge-lose LP, risk leaver buster. Just because I wish not to play jungle and didn't select that or fill. Of course I understand that autofill may be activated, but RIOT?!? isn't there a way to adjust the algorithm to ensure that players who have their 1st/2nd roles get placed into games where one of which is available, or at least that their match history shows they have played? If you queue with other people, it wont let you start without a certain range of roles being filled, so why not have those all covered before a game being started? hmm... Anyone else find themselves being autofilled more often into roles not played, even on rotation?
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