Is it just me or is this season shit so far...

-Bot lanes success decides which team wins and which team loses. -The jungle is op, some how champions like, {{champion:120}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:64}} are allowed to one shot you with {{item:3078}} /{{item:1400}} or with no damage items Cough{{champion:154}} Cough -Yasuos biggest weakness is whether or not the player is shit with him. -{{champion:29}} , {{champion:67}} and {{champion:51}} are allowed to two shot you cause you know, yolo. -Its 2017 and I still get hit by skillshots that missed by 2.5 Kms -Towers are fucking bags of shit... no wait sorry bags of shit could probably take more damage than them. -Bot lane is a horrible lane to play because you can't even sit under tower without getting 4 maned not to mention you back once and, "Bye Bye tower"\ - Autofill makes it so you can't even be certain which lane you might have to go, which might be an issue cause like runes and shit. Seriously Fix your damn game Riot.
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