I literally am so tired of promotion games

Riots ranked climbing process unless you're a smurf and miles above the other players: - Go on a win streak - Reach promos - Get 35% win rate Zoe support who ints and says everyone is toxic, lose game - Its okay, you've been in promos before so you got that free win - Get a Malzahar that never wards, feeds for the first 20 minutes, then /all chats until game is over, lose - go back to 70LP because you didn't deserve to promote and get even lower mmr Seriously, trying to put effort to climb out of an elo you're only marginally better than is cancer more than ever. I can play lane perfectly every game, but there's no agency anywhere anymore. I'd almost wager I have a 65% win rate instead of 55% if you remove promo games, you shouldn't get punished for trying to climb.
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