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I'm a support main. I depend on my team in soloq to play well. Facepalm. I'm frustrated with the way ranked works, and feel as though the system does not accurately represent a true ladder system. Especially now that people can pick two main roles- I'm amazed with how many completely inept players I run into. I feel as though the system is not accurate and have a few suggestions/ideas. First off, get rid of mmr. It keeps players that improve and main the same account from climbing. The first time I ever played league in ranked I played my promos and was placed silver 2. This season I won 7/3 and was placed bronze 5. I was silver 5 last season- and boy is silver 5 full of amazing baddies. Going from bronze 1 to silver 5 is like getting demoted. There are better ways to match players that are simpler and history should not be taken into account- bear with me. Second, remove the 5 tier safety nets. Go up or go down, but for all that is holy we can not have a pile of bad players at the bottom of all of the division 5s. It makes winning promotions feel like going back to bronze 5- it feels SO bad man. When you're climbing the ladder and feel like you're falling... something is really really wrong. Third, winning or losing should be worth the same amount of points. Perhaps with a wins/loses in a row modifier; but get rid of this lose 20lp gain 16 nonsense. Win 20, lose 20, simple- not 20 perhaps, but you get the idea. Take away the frustrating experience that horrible feature offers. There are SO many variables in a game, I think its silly to think we can calculate a precise difference between the value of a win and loss with all of those variables taken into consideration. Add tilt into that and there is simply no reliable way, no way. Plus and minus lp per game base, should be equal. I do recommend adding modifiers for wins/losses in a row as well, this way better players climb faster and worse players fall faster. Thats the idea of a ladder system, sorting people out. Forth, I know its soloq, but- especially for supports, we need a lp system that judges based on performance. For a simple example- ~~kills are 2 points, deaths are -2 points, assists are 1 point~~ kills are 1 point, deaths are -2 points, assists are 1 point (incorporated idea from Win1Ocent's comment). These numbers modify your win/loss lp reward from the game. This means if someone goes for instance 3/3/6 in a game and won for +20lp, they also get (3 - 6 + 6 = 3), 3 additional lp. A win with 9/2/10 would get +20 + (9 - 4 + 10 = 15), +35lp total. If someone lost but was 9/2/10, they would get -20 + (9 - 4 + 10 = 15), - 5lp total. They would lose, but only lose 5lp. How freaking cool would it be to perform so well in a game that you gain lp even when you lose! As a support I've had many games where I do very well and someone gets caught out on my team, or we let a late game team comp get to lategame.... so on so on, someone feeds the top lane fiora a million kills- you get the idea. Soloq is barely even fun anymore, doing amazing and still losing sucks. Playing well should be rewarded, playing poorly should be punished. If someone is feeding top and screwing over their entire team because they can't play from behind- they need to get demoted faster than everyone else and go where they belong. This also makes better players rise quicker, worse players fall faster, and lucky players that are carried through games not climb at the same rate as those that carry. If we do all of the above, generally... because its not THIS simple; but doing this the ladder should naturally even out. Getting rid of the tier 5 buffers alone would cause the ladder to even out quite a bit. A ton of players in silver 5 would go straight to bronze 5, I guarantee it. I don't care if I get into gold and then get kicked right back into silver, I just don't want to get into gold 5 and feel like I'm back in silver 4 or something. If anything, get rid of the 5 game promo to clear a division, make it 3 like everything else. The hard part is going from tier 5 to tier 1, the literally moving from tier 1 to next division tier 5 is just the last piece- it doesn't need special treatment. The tier 5 plugs are a bandaid for a bigger issue, and it only creates a worse issue. Sure, people complain less maybe, but if you belong in silver you will remain there if the ladder system works. This game shouldn't feel like luck, and you shouldn't have to be 2 divisions better than where you currently are in order to actually climb. Its broken. Then, for next seasons promotionals, the mmr would instead be the lp of last season. Simply make a range below and above their lp, and then they get placed within that range according to performance. If you improved a ton last season, bad MMR won't hold you down. I realize its not as simple as all of this and I'm sure I'm not thinking of all the angles. I'm a designer/programmer for a living, so I know I'm not seeing the whole picture. Though often the complex solutions are not the best ones, sometimes its the super simple ones. Players will have to take much more consideration into their actions if when they get caught they literally lose lp. If players go trading kills in lane with their enemy laner, they literally lose lp for it, in comparison to actually beating their enemy laner. Champions aren't judged solely on win rate, so don't judge players solely on win rate. I shouldn't have to play specific roles in order to climb. If I do, the system is broken and the game isn't as fun- especially now that I can choose my roles. Now that players choose lanes, you can even match players against each other at the lane level. Making sure that a plat3 mid always plays another plat3 mid, or bronze1 jungle is against a bronze1 jungle. Sorry this was long, I really enjoy the game and think its amazing; but lately I just find myself more and more frustrated. I feel like I'm not playing against the enemy, but trying to carry faster than my team feeds.
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