Attack-Move Click should be disabled during TFT!

I would first like to thank the developers who created TFT and the community who helped make it happen. Without all the hard work and support, this really fun gamemode wouldn't exist! But I do find one BIG problem to the game. And it nerfs ADC players really hard. Attack-move click moves your character around when picking up items. I find it really difficult to put items on characters before the time runs out, and sometimes I struggle to put the item on the right character. And before you guys come at me with pitchforks and say "just turn it off," and "hold shift," well, you need to remember that 1. You can't turn it off in the TFT settings menu, and 2, sometimes a lad just wants to slouch back with his legs on his desk and only use his mouse hand to play a relaxing game of TFT. I really hope this suggestion makes it into the game, because us ADC players are struggling here.
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