ADC's Were Already Mediocre

(EXCLUDING QUINN, GRAVES, CORKI, ETC, Those who got their roles changed) And now you buff the already absolutely annoying shitlord Zed by nerfing QSS. As if real ADC's didn't already get one shot by assassins, burst mages, and out dueled by almost every tank. I can't even play Draven, Jinx, Sivir, Varus, Miss Fortune without getting completely smashed by the Zed or Lissandra or Annie. I guess I'll be buying Zhonya's on ADC now. No amount of Zed nerfs will stop him from killing his target unless 4 other people drop what they're doing and target him or you burn a bunch of summoner spells. Also that 'nerf' he's getting in 6.8 isn't a nerf. It's a bug fix.
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