Leblanc survey - My answers!

Hello. I am a diamond 5 player and have played League of Legends since season 3 and i have "345038 points" on Leblanc, so i wanted to share my opinion with you. **My Answers** https://i.gyazo.com/f7a1984a821087ab111599ca41d6ec4d.png If RIOT had an option called **"I enjoy waiting 1.5 seconds on Sigil of Malice(P) before i can engange and do damage"** Then i will guarantee you Riot, that it would be under **"Low Impact - This is not an important reason why i play LeBlanc".** on every single survey, you would receive. But i understand, you will never change that back. Why? Thats the most easiest question to answer, because Steven 'Coronach' DeRose(Creator of Leblanc) is not working for RIOT anymore. Leblanc have been around us since (10.Nov - 2010) and by having to wait 1.5 seconds on Sigil of Malic is something that goes against Leblanc totally. People would then say that. "Leblanc would not have anymore to counter her then" Is that really true? as i remember Faker won against EDG in the MSI Final with Leblanc against a Morgana. Ehhhhh wait, no he didn't. Because Morgana COUNTER LEBLANC and Morgana is not the only champion who does. Last but not least, i want to say thank you if you were reading to the end!

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