Tristana Rising in Popularity Again...

And I'm terrified... not so much for the (maybe) upcoming wave of hate posts that may flood The Boards soon (yet again) but more for the potential nerfs that may be heading her way. Believe me, I can see a bunch of arguments as to why she would deserve a nerf, and I myself can think of a few, but I'm just scared that The Balance Team just destroys her game play identity from their lack of understanding of the champion. I wouldn't be so weary if it wasn't for Rioters in the past commenting that they don't really know what to do with her, making me feel they may not understand who Trist is and why people like to pick her, so as a 1.3M Trist aficionada, I'm just gonna drop a couple thoughts right now that may (or may not) be of use in the future. I've made a couple posts about these in the past, but since I'm making somewhat of a compilation, I'm just gonna drop it all here. ___ **Tristana's Identity** _The Best Self Peeling Late Game Hyper Carry_ -- This to me has always been the most important aspect about the character and why I picked her in the past. She's the most fun when you're jumping in a team fight, getting resets and using your jump correctly to position and attack. Poor use of **Buster Shot** or **Rocket Jump** result in a very easy to kill character, that isn't good in the late game from true damage (Vayne), particularly good against Tanks (Kog) or AoE ranged crits (Twitch) but from her ability to peel for herself while using the range her passive provides mostly for single-target damage. _The Bandle **Gunner**... not "Demolitionist"_ -- This has always been my main point of critique about Tristana's Kit, and it's her ability to demolish towers with the use of her **Explosive Charge** on them. **From a thematic** stand point, the skill doesn't fit the character. Her lore and characters have always been built around this daring upbeat yordle who jumps into battle with her trusty cannon Boomer by her side. Where does _"Oh and she demolishes stuff with bombs"_ fit in? When they introduced Ziggs' ability to take down low HP towers, it made sense. It fits with his theme and gave his E a new power that fits with the rest of his kit and theme, but on Tristana? **From a design** stand point, the skill also makes no sense with the rest of her kit, which (as I mentioned above) is built around that **Late Game Team Fight Self-Peel** fantasy. She has a passive (**Draw a Bead**) that increases the range of all of her abilities the longer the game goes. **Rapid Fire** is made to provide her with a window of power to use during those fights. **Rocket Jump** also serves that purpose, and **Buster Shot** is at is best when used as a self peel tool, rather than a _finisher_ move like Graves' Ultimate. Where does _"Oh and she demolishes stuff with bombs"_ fit in? To me, this ability to take towers has been nothing more than a gimmick, which gives Trist a strange power tool that makes her feel way too oppressive, **specially** in a world where Towers are made of paper. ___ **What to NOT Change About Tristana's Kit** _Rocket Jump_ -- I know this is a pretty big one, as some people feel the skill gives her way too much peel, but as I stated above, that's what her fantasy is supposed to be. Poor use of the skill and she ends up with a **14 Second Cool Down** at Max Rank, which is a lot of time for how short fights are right now. If this skill was to be nerfed, it would have to be just via cool down. Range and reset stats need to remain, or we may end up with a similar situation to what happened with Kassadin a couple years ago, where they destroyed the range on his Ultimate, essentially killing his fantasy entirely. Do I believe the cool down should be higher? No. I think 14 seconds is a fairly long cool down, and a bad jump can lead straight to death or the need to burn a Summoner Spell. Let's now also discuss her ability to buffer this skill, as many find this to be frustrating to deal with. Before I go any further, I would like to re-direct you to a post by **RiotJinxylord** about why her buffering needs to be the way it is. You can find that post [here]( Now, other than the fact that Riot sees no value in making **Rocket Jump** particularly bad compared to all other dashes that can be buffered in the game, the proper use of this buffer is in fact an expression of skill and mastery of the champion. Learning to use this properly is one of the most fun things about Tristana, and if not done properly (as with the use of the skill itself) will lead to very awkward moments where the player is stopped mid air and and ends up looking like a fool with no cool downs and a gray screen. **Rocket Jump** is, in my eyes **for sure**, the wrong place to nerf the champion, as is probably the most essential part of her fantasy. _Resets and Self Peel_ -- I've already discussed this above, but I just want to stress it out: This is what makes Tristana, Tristana. In a similar fashion to Jinx, people pick her because what she can do in team fights, cleaning up, using her kit to position properly and attack the nearest target (Jinx is a bit better for AoE purposes and a bit of control of the fight with her Chompers). If you touch any portion of Trist kit that works towards this identity, that's the only thing that will suffer. She won't reward proper use of her peeling tools anymore. She won't really fulfill the fantasy that most of her kit is designed to do. Do not touch her Resets and Self Peel. ___ **What I think are Tristana's biggest problems right now** _The 20 min Paradox and Crit Items_ -- When I picked her up back in 2014, the way I understood Trist was that if you allowed her to reach late game, then you were in trouble. The problem right now though, is that we're talking about a champion designed to reach this huge power spike **around 30 - 35 minutes** but instead, she's reaching it **around 20 - 25 minutes** and that's what is just wrong in my eyes. I remember about a year ago, needing to farm and play safe while I would build towards 3 items and then I would be ready to fight 5v5 and do what Trist does best. However, nowadays I find myself being able to do as much with only **two items** and this is the main problem I currently see with not only Trist, but with other Late Game Hyper Carries. I won't open the can of worms that is Twitch here, but for Tristana, I know that I'm reaching my power spike way earlier than what I should, and this is just plain and simple: **Not Fair**. Critical Strike items right now are way too cheap and way too efficient. The window a team has to abuse Tristana's weak early game is way too short. Once she has two items, it's really easy for her to control most fights, unless there's like a super fed tank on the opposite side but I don't wanna go into Tanks here. Point in case: **Trist should be reaching her power spike around 30 - 35 minutes, and not 20**. _Paper Thin Towers Gimmick_ -- As I've stated before, Towers being so utterly useless at this time is making Trist's demolishing prows do way more than what they should... if such thing needs to exist at all, and the fact of the matter is that as long as Towers don't get a true buff, Trist being able to kill a full HP tower with just two minions waves because you recalled a bit out of time just feels cheap. **You can't have a Late Game Hyper Carry also be an Early Game Demolition Monster**. One of the two things needs to be compromised, and I don't think I must go into too much detail by this point as to which thing I would bring down **hard** on her kit. _Burstana??_ -- This goes hand in hand with how Crit Items work right now, but I'll be brief: **Trist needs to be a DPS character, not a ranged assassin**. She has **Rapid Fire**, which combined with the need to build **Explosive Charge** just points out to a character designed to deal steady damage, rather than a huge burst all at once. If you build Rageblade Trist, that actually feels a bit more as to how I feel Trist should be. Steady DPS, and **NOT** Burst Damage. ___ **How Would I Nerf Tristana** _These Crit Items..._ -- This is the big one for me. If Crit Strike items were simply pricier, it would take longer for her to reach that power spike **as it should be** and not so early in the game. If Crit Items just _have_ to be this powerful, they need to be more expensive. _Burster Shot_ -- Tone down most of the damage on her ultimate. There's no need for **Buster Shot** to deal so much damage but just point and click. In my opinion, **no point and click should ever deal Burst Damage**, but in this particular case, the skill is better used to peel for yourself during fights, so there's no need for it to be used as an execution move. Tone it down. _Demolish Explosive Charge_ -- Believe me, I wouldn't have a single issue if her ability to put a charge onto a tower was removed **entirely**, as I've explained how out of place it is with her character and design, but if it just **HAS** to be there and if Towers aren't getting buffed, then damage to structures needs to be seriously cut down. Maybe it can still hurt the tower if it's put on a character and the character is around the Tower. Maybe you can still put it into tower and deal AoE but just **cut down** on the damage to the structure. A character designed to have a Late Game fantasy has **no business** demolishing towers at 10 minutes. Wanna get **REALLY** funny for a moment? I've been able to get a tower as early **3:49**... I'm **NOT** kidding, here's the [Match History]( And this is just wrong in so many levels. This ability needs to be toned down. ___ **Things I don't Understand** _Explosive Charge on Structures_ -- Yeah, you know how I feel about this. _AP Ratios_ -- Tristana, for some reason, still has AP ratios in her kit. These ratios aren't good enough to build her entirely AP (unless it's ARAM or Ascension) nor to build her as a hybrid in a competitive setting, so what's the point? To me, I've always believed it should be one of two things: Either make those ratios viable for Full AP/Hybrid builds, or just get rid of them so her damage can be streamlined. I personally would like them to be better, as Rageblade Trist is one of the most fun ways I find to play Trist, but it's just bad compared to Crit Trist. ___ **tl:dr** - Don't hurt Tristana's Fantasy: **The Best Late Game Self Peeling Hypercarry** - Crit Strike Items are making her spike at 20 mins instead of 30 - 35 as a Late Game Champion is intended - Rocket Jump isn't the place to nerf her. Some insight by **RiotJinxylord** [here]( - **Explosive Charge** on structures has no place on Tristana's Kit. - A Late Game Hyper Carry has **NO BUSINESS** taking towers at 10 mins. - Her Burst Damage is too high, tone down **Buster Shot**'s damage, as the skill is better used to peel for yourself. Thank you for reading my post on my favorite champion. It's really hard for me to put my finger on what exactly needs to be done with the character, but all I can do is offer my thoughts on her.
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