S9 is the ride or die moment for league

From reading post after post, checking how the game state is, looking at popular league streamers (Tyler1, Imaqtpie, Scarra, Etc), and just seeing how the live design team is doing on the preseason, is where players are gonna decided if they really want to continue playing this game. This recent patch didn't really change match of the game state, to rewind what I mean. Defense rune suck, the game snow balling way to quickly, not improving laning phase, and still the meta is the same has it been since god knows when. Also, instead of improving the the defense rune, I feel like there more damage then there already was. In my opinion, the preseason is where player experiment the new builds and check on the deference effect that the changes done to the champion. The only thing I noticed is that Dark Harvest (DH) is more ridiculous then it already was. Champion like {{champion:30}}, {{champion:21}}, and other assassin became more cancerous then they already were with electrocute. I just saying it not looking good, noticing how other players are getting more frustrating with the game, instead of having fun. Making players decided should I still Ride for this game or let it die.

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