So are we getting a riven nerf or not? all these players who say "riven isnt broken" are either riven players or someone who never goes up against a riven in top lane. "Lets make a champion that has really high ad scaling and give her a sheild with ad scaling which is also a gap closer dash. oh and add 3 more dashes on top of that and the third one knocks up the enemy and then giver her a stun and give her empowered if she use her q , e ,w so she can auto twice and 100-0 if she hits r" probably one of the most aids top laners their are. you dont even have to be goof at riven to carry. she just so broken it takes 0 skill to team fight cause all you do is r and q into the enemy team and kill em all or take em low enough so your team cleans up. but let me guess "if she is sooooo good why isnt she in pro play" pro play and solo queue are different. that type of thinking is what meta slaves say. this day 1 of riven posting until riot sees and nerfs her. (but riot has something against actually fixing the game so we be here for years bois"
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