Towers are shit tier

We've been complaining for such a long time that towers are straight shit with defense. This is the only aspect of League I have ever been truly aggravated by. First of all, it's unbelievable botlane can lose a tower in 8 minutes. This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole - it's literal. I honestly don't care about losing lane but the fact that one back fucks up an entire tower with full HP at 8 minutes ought to be the stupidest characteristic in League. We need defensive buffs on these towers, early shields, some more damage for clearing waves - something. Because right now, towers are pure shit and games have not been fun majorly this season/preseason before and after nerfs. I suggest buffing towers by giving them higher flat armor early game. (What about AP? - Mages require abilities that often dont work on towers) Change their linear armor scaling to a parabolic function, and give a shield to for the initial first 10 minutes for 5% of the tower's health. (Okay, might be too much there - just a nice linear increase would be cool with a shield for the first 10) This way late-game you can shred towers easily but early game you dont have to be forced to stay at your turret knowing that you'd lose 50-100% of your tower's HP in a few minutes. TL;DR - Buff towers
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