[Rework Concept] Malphite, Voice of the Mountain

"Once upon a time a mysterious and forgotten people lived at the foot of a great mountain they called Malphite." "One day strangers came and pillaged the mountain, retching at the very souls of the people who lived below." "Until the mountain seemed hollow, and a voice could be heard echoing, distant at first, then it grew into a catastrophic cacophony, so great it could be heard from the furthest reaches of the distant unknown." "There were no screams, there was no time. Malphite had spoken, there was only fire, then nothing." http://i.imgur.com/9fRb0LY.jpg --- Passive - Granite Shield: Malphite's health is divided in half. The first half of Malphite's health grants him bonus armor, while it is active, and every third attack he slams his rocky fist down on his attack target, dealing bonus physical damage based on Malphite's armor and crippling them for a few seconds. Once Malphite's health is dropped below half, it can not be restored beyond half unless Malphite remains motionless for several seconds, so his molten body has a chance to harden again, or once he returns to base. * Molten Core: When Malphite's rocky exterior is broken, he loses his bonus armor and gains bonus ability power instead. Being molten while out of combat will cause him to generate a magma shield based on his maximum health(Half the time while walking through water.) While molten, every third attack will splash magma onto and around his attack target, dealing magic damage to and burning all enemies around his attack target. Q - Seismic Shard: Malphite slams the ground and kicks up rocky shards in a target direction, dealing magic damage and knocking aside all enemies in the line. * During Molten Core, Malphite gains bonus movement speed when traveling along the path of the Shard. W - Mountain's Voice: Lava and molten rocks begins to erupt from his back. For several seconds, Malphite deals magic damage to all enemies around him in waves as he erupts. While erupting, volcanic rocks will fall, dealing bonus physical damage based on Malphite's armor to random locations around him. * During Molten Core, Malphite scorches the ground around him that lingers for a few seconds, dealing magic damage over time to all enemies on the scorched ground. E - Giant Steps - Passive: Where Malphite walks, he leaves behind Steady Ground for several seconds. Steady Ground gives Malphite and his allies bonus movement speed and tenacity while walking on it. If Malphite places Steady Ground on the same location many time, it then becomes a Beaten Path and becomes permanent. * Jagged Ground - Active: Malphite stomps his foot. All Steady Ground and Beaten Paths become Jagged Ground for a few seconds. Enemies on Jagged Ground are Slowed and Grounded while walking over it. After, the jagged Ground is removed it destroys the Steady Ground but returns the Beaten Paths. R - Unstoppable Force: Malphite dashes in a target direction, carrying all enemies he hits with him, while also temporarily destroying any terrain in his path. After Malphite's dash, he will channel for a moment before exploding, dealing physical damage to and knocking up all enemies around him. If Granite Shield is active, Malphite will blow off his rocky exterior, dealing a portion of the health he shredded in true damage to his enemies.
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