Hey, I'm garbage at most champs with skill shots (general skill tbh) and I' m sure I'm not the only one, but recently I've seen nothing BUT SKILL SHOTS OR HIGHER SKILL CEILING in every rework. Why is riot doing this, it's not increasing the number of skilled players (unless there's less players joining the game then yes maybe) it's just making games last so m u c h l o n g e r. It just feels like you can't pop off as hard anymore if you're not diamond+. This isn't my first account (banned like season 4 or 5 or something) but the general fun I've had has like died, whenever I miss a skill shot that is important to my kit or just misses the 20 HP champion, I would have punched my wall in the past but a tiny portion of my soul disintegrates instead. I know old kat was pretty face roll but she couldn't just dash 1k + units away to a little dagger she either forgot about or just placed there also shun po reset xd. Just don't like the way they're going with these reworks {{champion:17}}
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