Welcome to another edition of "You are a trash jungler because i lost lane"

Singed top 0-3 at 6 minutes. Junglers fault _**CLEARLY**_ **edit a lot of you are saying singed should be doing this, i would like to add all 3 deaths were solo kills by sion top laner. i believe. bottom shoved and not warded vs a shaco, queue the "shaco ganks but you dont, trash jungler" and they are all toxic af. I literally do not know what people expect, im a silver just like you, I cannot win every fucking lane for you. Ranked has been nothing but awful, every step of the way. "oh you are farming? Shit jungler fucking gank" I need a good breakdown guide of what to do in x situation. Because im fairly lost when it gets to this point, bot getting wrecked, top getting wrecked, both wont listen and ward or back up, they just want to yell at me and say its my fault, mid just yelling at everyone else but he was on an 8 game losing streak so i kinda get it. My fav part is, i was going to queue my main {{champion:154}} but naturally support wanted to play brand and top was adamant about playing singed. so i literally swapped my main for hecarim for these people.
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