I miss Tanking

After playing 3 weeks of basically only tanks and my main (Morde) in nexus blitz I have to say. Dear lord do I miss tanks. I miss being this less stoppable force of sheer bulk. I miss being able to walk up to enemies without instantly killing them or instantly dying. I miss getting ignored in team fights because I accidentally invested too much into defense so now the enemy sees me as something they can partially ignore. I miss having the ability to prolong fights because I can block skill shots for my team. I miss having that feeling of being something other than a cc whore. I miss where defense had value and you could and did pick it up on squishes. I miss the time when it didn't feel like I had to 100% nuke someone from full to attempt a trade. I miss not having to hit every single ability in .5 seconds or lose the fight. As much as I hated season 7's high damage I would take that back in an instant over how much higher its gotten. TLDR: Just downvote me for stating things that I miss about tanks thats fine. I get it that we don't want a tank meta where tanks just automatically out damage you and win fights by existing. However, I also just hate having everyone be an assassin.
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