@Riot: Will Kassadin Be Reworked in the Assassin Update?

As someone who is a fan of the champ and his overall design, I feel like he is in a really weird place, and in need of a rework, or at least some major tweaking. He plays like the current Katarina; snowball champion with an abysmal laning phase, jumps into a fight and cleans up then jumps out, can 'one-shot' squishier champs if ahead, little to no utility. Except many people play Katarina, but only a very small group of people play Kassadin. I would say I haven't seen one in my last 100 games. Whereas I see Katarina every 5 games or so. So obviously he has something about him that is making people not want to play him. My point is, if we're going to be seeing reworks on the other Assassin Mages like Kat and LeBlanc, will Kassadin be touched? And if so what sorts of changes?
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