They should keep this Yasuo "bug"

Edit: Feel free to read at least past the second paragraph before commenting. The number of people reading only the title and ignoring the most important part is too high. Apparently there's been a bug with Yasuo lately... where his wind wall functions as it should have since his release. It's not blocking until the cast animation is actually finished, rather than just blocking anything from any direction the instant you press it. And it's way more fair. Hell, if they would intentionally put this in, **there would be room to adjust Yasuo where he actually needs it** instead of leaving his stats fairly weak in exchange for keeping the parts of his kit that are frustrating in the same state. #Though really I just want Yasuo to get less frustrating to play against so I can pick him instead of him getting banned. **** Edit: Since most of the comments are either in agreement or say this breaks the ability because they think the reactionary use is vital, then there's this: If you do think it should be reactionary defense like a spellshield, then it needs the duration brought down to 1 second to match them. Having it both ways is and has always been the biggest problem with his kit. You might even say that the fact it gives you so much leeway for timing it wrong, to the point that it can even block a projectile that is already contacting the outer edge of your model before even a single particle of the ability itself is on screen, has been the bug all along. It's not fair for clarity. **** Final edit: Since at least one person was _brilliant_ enough to think I meant to literally keep it as a bug, allow me to clarify: This should be fixed up and made into a feature, with the particle effects not even beginning until the animation is finished and the wall is in its fixed place. What I want to see is for the aspects that make him frustrating to be wrangled in so that the parts of him that are too weak can be strengthened. That way people won't ban him because he's tilting to play against nor because allies might have no idea how to play him.
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