(Your) Experience VS/Being Aftershock Lux Support

I know Aftershock Lux is incredibly meta right now, pros are abusing it and also her winrate+pickrate skyrocketed, obviously she's getting a nerf in Patch 9.11 . Undoubtedly it's good, but how was your experience playing/VS an aftershock lux support? I know the pros of it: - Aftershocks makes Lux tankier, apparently removing her mainn problem of being squishy - Her shield items (Athene's) shields the more damage she does (Lux initially has burst due to her kit and how she's a mid laner) - Her shield can absorb so much damage, despite athene's and ardent's being relatively cheap - She has damage as well because some items give AP as well If I'm not wrong the item order is {{item:3174}} -> {{item:3504}} -> {{item:3107}} - > {{item:3222}} -> {{item:3089}} -> {{item:3117}} (Insert Starting Supp Item somewhere) {{item:3092}} However, when I played this last game as Aftershock Lux, the impact I had felt incredibly underwhelming compared to AP Lux. I know Aftershock Lux is centered around shielding than damage, but it overall didn't feel better, and actually personally I thought it contributed less. However, I am in low elo, so this probably will be significantly different for you. How about your experience? I want to hear about it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Please leave your experience constructively, don't start flaming me please and thank youuuu {{champion:99}}

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