This game's glaring problems

I'm going to be explaining in short why I'm really frustrated with the game recently, and I'll do it in a concise way so there won't be too much detail for the sake of keeping this relatively short. That said, I'm not going to be skimping out on the core principles of what I'm saying here. The boards are full of "I quit" threads more than ever, with more anger breeding anger over and over again. - AD itemization. ADC's are fine as they are, but their items are far too efficient and overloaded. They have decent early games, great midgames and godly lategames. Throw in some lifesteal and they have sustain too, and you can't touch them in fights. Not to mention the horrendous amounts of protection and peel for them, it's as if the game is centered around them. **Statik Shiv in particular is the most problematic. ** - On the reverse spectrum of this, Assassin itemization. Assassins have been gimped for the longest time, and the very, very few ones that do manage to work only do so because Duskblade is so good. Everything else was removed and they've been hardcore nerfed- most are unable to deal with ADC's, their primary targets, at all anymore. There is no point to playing an Assassin over a Diver anymore, and versing a lot of damage, Juggernauts can fill the role as well. I've been 1v1'd by a Twitch simply because he had lifesteal as Assassin Kayn with my full combo, and we both had full build. To summarize my whole post about this topic, "You know there's a problem when oneshot montages barely feature assassins and they're mostly ADC's now." - Riot's attitude towards their playerbase. It's so high-horsed and egoistical, and they barely address any of the things we've been asking them to. It seems like they can never, ever admit they've made a mistake. It simply feels like we're talking to the wind, and while they obviously cannot address everything, they barely address ANYTHING. It seems like as long as they have people buying RP, they don't give a shit what you think about balance. And this is true, they're a company- but they clearly have no devotion nor care to their playerbase. - CertainlyT is a perfect example of this. Designed 6 champs, 3 of which were insanely overpowered on release (Zyra, Yasuo, Thresh), another one who grew up to be super oppressive (Kalista) and one that was so one dimensional that it took them forever to rework him, because his kit was just so one-sided (Darius), along with now Zoe who's been getting complained about for centuries. Furthermore, given his involvement in the Mordekaiser rework, it's VERY CLEAR that this man does not take feedback nor give a shit. Except look at the most frustration players experience across the board- how many normal drafts do you have with a banned Yasuo? Nearly every second game. Zyra's oppressive to play against now, as if you don't focus her and her plants instead, she's alive and is going to kill you. If you focus her, her plants are going to kill you. Darius is still mostly one-sided in lane, unless directly counterpicked, there's no inbetween. Every champion he's made bred frustration of all kinds and he doesn't give a single shit about it, nor does he take feedback at all, he simply keeps doing this. - Autofill. Instead of letting us wait 2 minutes, we can instead have the GLORIOUS EXPERIENCE of being thrown into a ranked game with our Support being autofilled, whilst theirs isn't, has a major Support champion pool to counter our botlane, and much more experience. We're losing that game. You're forcing players into a far less than favorable situation right as Champ Select starts. This wastes 40 minutes of my time, rather than the 2 I'd use to queue up for a game where everyone wants to play their lane, at least. That can sum up the root of all of these problems. Bad design choices that are egoistically defended by Riot and little to no interaction with the playerbase. If you want a good example of this, look at the Blizzard forums- Blizzard admins and mods frequently. The only big problems with the actual game are ADC items and perhaps Tanks beating out Bruisers and Juggernauts alike easily and then providing more than either of those could to teamfights, but that's it for the gameplay side, more or less. Riot not ever responding to their mountains of mistakes and bad design choices is what really frustrates me, and a lot of people I know.
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