The biggest problem I have had with league throughout the years is the change of pace.

Ever since the emphasis on faster games was made more prominent through runes reforged, front loaded damage , the minion move speed change and the turret plating. It has been a constant struggle for me to identify my issues and today it hit me. The game has just been sped up. I am sad to see the game went in this direction as the days of games i enjoyed playing are over. I have to say riot has made this game a longer version of arena of valor and I just have to play like that. games are faster than ever and it is do to the direction Riot took the game. I miss the on average 45 to 60 minute games now its a rare occasion to hit such times. Though they happen i do have to say it is more common to play a 20 minute to 25 minute game than it has ever been. While i'm adapting my play style to match this, why did it have to go this way? Faster games = more games But id rather have quality over quantity any day of the week.
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