Can Pyke be dealt with?

I don't even know where to begin with this goddamned champion - I have literally almost never in my life been hit by a Pyke q and he still unloads a shit ton of CC on me with his braindead E which requires about as much effort as a 2 year old does to shit its pants; which is the feeling I get when hit by a borderline undodgeable ability as an ADC. Then, there's his extremely low-effort ultimate which is a goddamned true damage execute on a support that deals near 300+ damage on its first unlock level. But those are not the true cancer of Pyke - no, it's his goddamned regeneration and how he has so much sustain that if you don't 100-0 him (which is extremely hard because he can become invisible, dash a long-ass way and get a MS boost) - this champion has no punishments for his failures. Fail Q? No problem, e them because it spreads wider than my goddamned legs can and if you even by some divine stupidity manage to miss that, then you can hit your ultimate which has the impact radius of the f*cking Chernobyl radiation blast zone, and even if you fail that and are left with 10 hp, you can just go invisible, walk away, return with 60% hp restored and throw all your CC at the ADC again who can't dodge your E because it no longer has flash or is a hypermobile meta cancer. Seriously, dealing with this is more and more exhausting each game - I get that I'm just G1 and not that great at the game, but you cannot tell me this is reasonable.
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