Hey ADC Mains...

Please for the love of god stop roaming mid to just take my CS then go back bot. If you wanna come and pressure their tower great, if the wave is pushing to me, Im perfectly capable of CSing it myself TYVM. Also, I can't tell you how many times my bot lane loses their tower, so the enemy ADC comes mid to take my tower, while our ADC shoves out bot lane. We lose the tower because they don't match the rotation, then my ADC comes mid to catch the wave crashing in after the tower dies. So I say fuck it, you wanna wave clear mid wit your Hurricane, fine, Ill split bot and catch the wave crashing back. But no, our fail ass ADC has to catch that wave to, so they follow me bot, then we lose Mid tier 2... Its unreal how many times this happens, STOP COMING MID JUST TO TAKE MY WAVE, thats all, thanks.
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