As a bruiser main, i find conquerer to be overkill

Conceptually, I understand why Riot feels its needed. It serves as a point of access to allow bruisers the ability to kill tanks. However, almost every bruiser has either an innate way to shred through or has an item tailor made for them to help them accomplish this: The Black Cleaver We can also take a look at bruiser kits and see how many of them have innate tank killing abilities. {{champion:122}}: 5 stacks plus true damage nuke. Also builds black cleaver. Also can heal off tanks with his Q. Great at shredding tanks. {{champion:86}}: BC passive on his spin, still has good synergy with BC. Ult can do %hp true damage and can gain %true damage on enemies with spells. Also durable as fuck. Great at bullying tanks and killing them in lane. {{champion:420}}: great synergy with black cleaver and although she has no innate tank shredding, she can heal off them for days. And because she can basically fully stack BC in one swoop, doesn’t give a fuck about armor. {{champion:39}}: I’m still not 100% certain about her kit, I know it’s functions but I know she kills through shields, which can help with quite a few tanks. Given her nature, I’m not sure she should have the ability to kill tanks quickly but conquerer exists, so better nerf irelia, right? {{champion:59}}: %shred, BC stacker. Doesn’t typically care about tanks anyway but can kill them if need be. {{champion:24}}: probably the worst tank killer of the bunch. Despite high base damages and mixed damage, once tanks approach 4-5 items, he’s not really good for it anymore. However, if he builds correctly, tanks can never duel him either. And Jax tends to function as an early-mid game diver, a late game off-tank in team fights. Conquerer exists though, so now he can. {{champion:141}}: goes pretty bruiserish sometimes and tends to build BC. Not a great tank shredder but not really his thing anyway. I only mention him because bruiser builds have been popular on him in the past. {{champion:82}}: idk I guess he’s a bruiser. He kills anything he’s fortunate enough to touch but yeah, not sure where he falls in at in terms of classifications. {{champion:75}}: %armor shred, becomes pretty durable. Tanks tend to be free lanes for him. {{champion:2}}: great BC stacker, low CD true damage nuke. Absolutely demolished most tanks in lane. {{champion:58}}: E shreds armor, builds BC. Not a great tank killer but conquerer would be stupid on him if he was good. Don’t ask me to feel pity for Renekton, he single handily held bruisers down for years just for existing (hur dur renekton bar). {{champion:102}}: what is this thing? {{champion:421}}: true damage, BC builder. Doesn’t typically target tanks but makes a greart off tank anyway. I’m sure conquerer is stupid on her. {{champion:48}}: lmao fuck this champion {{champion:6}}: idk is he a bruiser. Does he even use conquerer? It’s probably stupid on him if he does. {{champion:77}}: dumb for other reasons but shitty design regardless {{champion:62}}: shreds armor, insta stacks BC with ult. Scientifically proven to be most busted champion of all time by Dr. Sicks. Anyway, you get the drift. Many of these chanpions already innately deal with tanks well. There are many light fighters like Fiora, GP and Yasuo that I didn’t include that already murder tanks and conquerer is absolutely nuts on them. This doesn’t even include bruiser off tanks like Mundo, Voli and Warwick who do a fuck ton of damage and have just as much durability as tanks (and heal forever). In short, I love that you want to make bruisers good. And in fairness, many of the champions I mentioned don’t typically take conquerer but most do. And this makes their damage absolutely high. A bruisers job is typically not to mow down tanks, not in team fight situations. If you want tanks to have viability, then reduce their damage but give them wave clear. Make them be great scalers, not lane bullies with high damage (the previous balance that tanks had prior to this season). And the flip side of this isn’t good either, which is what we have now with conquerer. Honestly, keystones in general were a mistake - the old mastery and rune systems were fine. Generic and boring but balanced. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Good luck ever finding that medium again.
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