Why did I get this player on my team in a low gold high silver game wtf its literally his first rank

https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=forisbak24 I just had a yasuo ragequit lvl 3 the game before aswell and a trolling taric the game before the yasuo one who claimed he was high so he couldnt play the game well literally inting I dont understand 3 losses ina row to trolls and afk and shty matchmaking wtf riot why are you giving me these players id rather play with the hardstucks than quitters. So fking tilting man having my w/r ruined off some sht like this The one I opgg link its his first rank match all he plays is bots and blind picks why was he put on my team he said he doesnt play many champs so he locks draven one of the most difficult adcs he couldnt even catch axes it was his first fking draven game wtf Just unlucky I guess this is what I get for playing late at night getting people literally 1 death away from rage quitting and going to bed lmao

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