Zyra players, I actually have a good suggestion that could fix her.

I was thinking about this earlier, basically Zyra suffers from ''strong in bot lane sucks in mid lane'' Alright, you need to find ways to force her to be mid lane. Zyras two main problems Zyra has problems with her plants messing up her csing and her plant health is atrocious *Buff* Give Zyras plants execute on minions under 5-10% *Nerf* Nerf Zyras Q damage This makes it so she'll be stealing minions if taken bot lane and less pokey in bot lane while opens up opportunities in other areas ( which is under this ) *Buff* Zyras plant health in some way to compensate for the Q nerf since Q is her main poke and not E which is what every Zyra player is asking for *Remove* Zyras E plants and slow, This is nothing but a horrible attempt at a combo and 90% of the time a Zyra player will spawn 2 melee plants instead of 2 desired ranged ones. Basically a power shift.

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