Can the Entire Game NOT Revolve Around Bot Lane?

Matches anymore make me feel like I am nothing more than a spectator in any of my matches, watching his 2-man team (adc and support) either do so horrifically that the match is lost or so fantastically that the match is won. Top laners complain that their role has little to no impact on the game. Well, lately, it's starting to feel like that for anything that isn't support or adc. Jungle and camp bot? Well, you still have to farm and counter jungle. Ganking top and mid doesn't really matter. Top doesn't need kills for my team to win and mid can just roam bot to help our team (a.k.a. adc and support) win for us! Playing mid is like sitting on a ticking bomb. Either your bot does so well that the enemy team gives up on bot lane and roams to your lane or your bot does so bad that they lose turret and the enemy bot migrates to your lane. So, unless you've been able to gank bot side successfully and often enough, your hopes lie entirely in the hands of your adc and support. Oh, wait, if you do gank bot side, you still rely on them being competent enough to follow through lest you die horribly to the enemy adc or the enemy mid that followed you or the enemy jg that counter ganked or the top that decided NOW is the time to teleport.
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