How to play mid-lane?

I'm gonna to be straight up honest here. I know next to nothing on how to mid. Aside from they roam either to top or bot for ganks. I want to know the mindset of midlaners. Few questions for starters: 1.What are some good mid-lane champs to easily use? a.Does mid always have to be an assassin or mage champion? 2.When to roam? 3.Secondary summoner spell to use? (Flash always first) 4.Why is it important to pick a counter champion of the opposing mid? (easier for early game or late game? Idk) If there is a discussion/article about mid-lane, please share below. Side note; I'm unfortunately in bronze and still learning to play. I play some rank but mostly normals and want to stretch out of the support/occasional adc role. I have some knowledge of league but I want to know more. Hence making this post.

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