Before players queue up, they select a ban preference. Accept queue --> 10 champions each team banned already (maybe fewer because of how people ban the same champions) Ban phase begins --> 5 champions each side gone Literally adds no time except for the reveals of banned champions. **************************************************************************************** Now we need a few justifications on why there should be more bans? -HUGE champion pool, very hard to balance the game. Why deal with SEJ GALIO JANNA LULU SORAKA TRISTANA TWITCH CHO ? That's already 8 bans ... We haven't even touched the top winrates by role yet. -Whacky team comps Everyone agrees, and complains about how worlds is boring, we see the same champions over and over Ryze mid anyone? Trist Janna oh dang, what a surprise they won lane and the game. Anyone tired of tank meta yet? Every game is centered around the ADC? This is only high level play/pro play btw, we havent touched low level play. In low level play your ADC losing is literally losing the game, that random pug that got slapped together loses because your ADC is a boosted animal.
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