When's Next Kindred skin coming ?

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{{champion:203}} haven't got skin in quite a while. To be more specific, 962 days. Which is over two and a half years. While keeping that in mind, Kindred wasn't Ivern ( I apologize for saying this, but U got what I mean ) that have such a small player base. I understand how making skins for popular champions will make more money, but please don't just completely forgot that some champs that exist. And also, there are some high-quality Kindred skin concepts out there that are REALLY good ( I posted 3 of my favorite ones ) but seems like that It will never happen. Half of the champs that have lower play rate than Kindred already received 1 or even 2 skins after the last Kindred skin released, and over 90% of them have over 2 skins. Royal Kindred https://imgur.com/a/CxqYW51 Popstar Kindred https://imgur.com/a/INuuOyn https://imgur.com/a/OBzcZDQ Elderwood Kindred https://imgur.com/a/8rVshYL https://imgur.com/a/zVV4wWy Is Kindred going to get a skin somewhere around this year or Riot will just treat them like Rek'Sai #2?
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