Patch 5.15 - Teemo Nerfs, Not Buffs

Hey! I like you. Name's Hikashikun, a Teemo main all the way from Season 2 and I'm here to explain to you nice folks why these new patch 5.15 changes are a nerf to Teemo overall gameplay and potential but before that, here's a little background info on who I am and why I have some authority over the subject on Teemo. **Achievements** * Season 2: Gold (Teemo Anywhere) * Season 3: Diamond I (80% Teemo Top, 20% Teemo Jungle) * Season 4: Masters (90% Teemo Jungle, 10% Teemo Elsewhere) * Season 5: Diamond II on HIKASHIKUN & HIKASHLKUN (90% Teemo Jungle, 10% Teemo Elsewhere) **Teemo Guides** * 536,000 Views - * 11,200 Views - **Na.Op.GG** * * **Patch 5.15 Nerfs** 1. (R) Noxious Trap duration reduced to 5 minutes from 10 minutes. 2. (R) Noxious Trap takes 1.5 seconds to arm from 1.0 seconds. 3. (Q) Blinding Dart doesn't always work on the first auto as it used to anymore. *This could be an unintentional bug **Patch 5.15 Buffs** 1. Passive (Camouflage): Scaling Attack Speed bonus, 1.5 seconds to stealth from 2.0 seconds, 0.75 seconds to stealth while in brush, and moving inside brush while Camouflaged no longer breaks stealth. 2. You can now toss (R) Noxious Trap. The range scales with rank and can bounce off each other. **Teemo's Usual Gameplay** 1. Use (R) Noxious Trap to protect objectives such as Baron and Dragon. 2. Chain (R) Noxious Trap in rows to develop a connected array of vision pockets. 3. Place (R) Noxious down in lane to prevent buildup of minions from pushing to your tower(s). 4. Place mushrooms right before enemy split pushers who are unaware of both you and your ultimate. When (R) Noxious Trap activates upon enemy champion, emerge from Passive Camouflage and attack - "Enemy has been slain". 5. When close enough to walls, you can place your (R) Noxious Trap over these obstacles (Baron pit, Dragon pit, Base walls, etc). **Teemo's Intended Patch 5.15 Gameplay** 1. Hold onto 3 stacks of (R) Noxious Trap to later throw at enemies in team fights. Note, when thrown the ultimate does not immediately go off as it takes 1.5 seconds to activate when on the ground. 2. Throw mushrooms into Baron and Dragon pits. 3. Sit in brush and ambush enemies or evade ganks with the new passive. **The Problem** 1. Team fights don't happen in just one spot, it's volatile, always changing depending on the situation. Throwing the mushrooms into enemies doesn't seem as viable as it sounds when it takes an extra 1.5 seconds to even do anything. They could either (A) Run Away within the 1.5 seconds, (B) Destroy the mushroom before it activates, (C) Drop Pink Wards to help identify and eliminate them, or (D) Let lane minions activate them. 2. While Teemo is too busy throwing his (R) Noxious Trap, couldn't he be doing more for his team by attacking the enemies during all this time instead of waiting for the ultimate to work? 3. It's such a terrible idea to hold onto three stacks of (R) Noxious Trap when you can prepare them before major fights in desired spots while armed and ready, while developing more mushrooms over time. Overall, these new changes are significantly reducing the amount of (R) Noxious Traps on the ground while removing one of Teemo's main contributions to his team; **vision control.** Someone once said,"What's the point of mushrooms if they don't even hit anyone?". Well the counter argument to that comment is that despite (R) Noxious Trap not activating, they still serve their purpose for vision, alerting the team where enemies are most likely to be and where they are not, saving resources such as Wards, Gold, and Time. 4. How often do you actually utilize the brush for anything? Why would I be wasting time sitting (or moving) in a brush when I can be out there with my team, getting kills and objectives? **Seriously** 1. If these changes were made to be buffs as Riot made them to be, why would we Teemo mains be complaining and generating as much attention as possible? Why not just keep silent and abuse these _"buffs"_ ? 2. You just cut Teemo's ultimate duration in HALF. How many (R) Noxious Traps do you are now available to support Teemo's Gameplay to be healthy or even viable? 3. What different type of gameplay are you trying to make all of us Teemo mains out there learn? 4. I have yet to come across any Teemo mains who agrees that these changes are indeed buffs. If anything, they're gimmicky. Yes, sorry but to the tune of easily over 2,000 Teemo games across all of my accounts in both ranked and normals, these changes are gimmicks.
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