"Your Shop"

I think Riot would do better in terms of RP sales if you were able to discern a player's primary role(s) and offer skins in the "Your Shop" sale section based on that role. If they were all adc, for example, I'd probably be inclined buy all the ones on sale. I'm sure a lot of other spenders would feel the same. While I'm sure dropping a code to discern each individual player's preferred roles and to then generate those skins would be a timely and difficult task: we are talking about cash monies in your pocket. Honestly, I don't have much skin in the game here because I own most of them already - I was honestly just feeling a little altruistic; and of course, the more money Riot makes the nicer the game can be, in theory. P.S. Hire me as a consultant. I have at least a hundred zillion other ideas. I'm sure one or two of them could make you more than you'd pay me. {{item:3400}}
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