Unrework Banner of Command

Banner of command has always been a strange item in league and most of the community agreed it was a weird item (an ap counter giving more armor). It use to give armor magic resist mana and cooldown reduction which to be honest wasn't that bad when you think about it. It allowed some utility supports or other split push champs such as singed to use it effectively since the stats banner gave wasn't strong but covered a lot of areas. So maybe you didn't see the old banner of command in that many games however the reworked banner of command straigh up sucks. That build path sucks, the stats it gives are extremely underwhelming and where the hell does the item even get cooldown reduction in the build path. My main argument is the item straight up sucks now, I haven't seen someone even uses the reworked banner in probably 200 games and I believe it was in a much better state before they reworked the item so I really hope Riot eventually unreworks the item or rework the item again into something useful.
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