This is our first champion release without teambuilder...

And a lot of people are frustrated with Jhin being banned, picked away, or not having the luck to secure him in blind pick. I'm also on my first tilt since the removal of teambuilder, and what I used to do when tilting was to learn a new champion by playing them repeatedly (which teambuilder was ideal for). I think the ability to pick a *champion*, not just your *role*, was something a lot of people valued about teambuilder, and that this advantage was overlooked or undervalued in the decision to remove it. I would very much like to see it come back. Additionally, I remember a red saying that "dynamic queue was indisputably better." I struggle to see how teambuilder was not indisputably better than blind pick. If a reason for not keeping team builder was to avoid having too many queues, why not replace blind pick with teambuilder? I'm not the first to suggest it. EDIT: Apparently, my meaning of "This is our first champion release *since teambuilder was removed*" is a fine enough distinction between the actual title to generate more discussion than anything else so... that's what I meant. First since removed.
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