as a zyra main with 924 zyra-rankeds

Hello community , i would like to discuss about zyra , she has been my main champion since release now , and i just love that champion . The concept , the kit , and the theme. but i think she could need some little adjustments concerning her balance. First of all , i play her almost only in mid lane and rarely as support . what surprised me is , that zyra was nerfed many times , because the balance team thought she is too strong as a support ( that may be right , she was picked all the time at lcs at that time(im speaking of the later nerfs, not the hotfix)) , but they said , her balance in mid lane is "okay". the only thing that she got back for all her significant nerfs is a 0,05% AP ratio on her Q . now , the surprising thing is , she was designed as a mid lane mage , and was nerfed becaue she was not played in mid lane , but support . actually , she is now classified as a support as it seems ( the client suggests to buy support items like spellthief and sightstone , although she is designed as a mid lane mage). if you look at lolking , you can see that she is played as support mainly. in most of her matches , people buy a sightstone. Now to her abillities Base stats: Her health is very low , which is normal for a ranged mage. but its still lower than most mages. for example: Zyra=355+74 ,Orianna=385+79, Syndra=380+78. Her movementspeed... its the lowest possible , in addition , she has no speedboost,dash or blink. shes very squishy and easy to catch. Her CC should help her with surviving , but thats very hard since most off the champions that are now played have a gap-closer , dash , blink or whatever. PASSIVE: Her passive is very clunky , the speed and width nerfs were really significant , also the damage is pretty low ( for example , it deals 440 true damage at lvl 18 , kog maws passive deals 550 true dmg). it takes 2 entire seconds before you can shoot .Though , its not useless. when i play zyra , i get some kills with it sometimes (mostly because the people forget her passive , since shes played so rarely (most of the times they write it in the all chat too x) )) . Q: the mana cost on Q is quite high , especially at lvl 1. for example , syndra Q costs only 40 mana at lvl one , and 80 at lvl 5. it deals 253+0.69 AP to champions , and 230+60AP if the target is not a champion. Zyras Q costs 75 at 1 , and 95 at 5. it deals 210+0.65AP constantly at lvl 5. also , it has a longer cooldown than syndra Q. (thats hard to compare though , syndra needs her Qs for her ultimate , but zyra does need it for her plants) W: W grants 2% cooldownreduction on each lvl. her plants actually deal decent damage if you can manage to keep them alive. the problem is that mostly the ranged plants react very oddly. if you spawn them , they do not attack for around 2-3 seconds , and after that they start to shoot. also , plants die veery fast in teamfights , they mostly die in under one second . but if they dont , they are able to deal a lot of damage with her ult-buff. also the slow on her meele plants is awesome. i think there should be some adjustment that helps plants to not die in an eyeblink in teamfights. what i find random about her plant design is , that they are not able to attack towers , why? why not even reduced damage ? they always die with one towerhit. f.e , heimer turrets , shaco boxes , annies tibbers , they can all attack towers E: the damage of E is 200+50% ap. it is also the slowest "snare-skillshot" (morgana and lux Q fly faster). but i think thats legit , since her E can pass minions and champions. the snare duration is almost not there at lvl 1 (0,75 seconds , always + 0,25 seconds with each level , up to 1,75 seconds) what i have noticed is , that i can not "fullcombo" a mobile champion if i land my snare , until i am lvl 10 , because the snare duration is just too low , and people like zed jump out of the snare , before the damage of her ult and Q comes off. R: Her R is a mighty abillity. but it feels veeery clunky too. the damage at the "spawnpoint" is >almost< instant , like annies R , but it expands rather slow , so the damage at the end of the ultimate comes off with a huge delay, just like the CC. the damage is 300+70% at lvl 3 , which is the same damage as orianna ultimate , but oriannas ultimate-damage has only a short delay ( the cast animation), and the CC of that skill is instant , not like zyras R. in conclusion (TL;DR) : i think her damage is pretty decent , sure , champions like leblanc deal tons more , but zyras damage is mostly AOE and has CC in it. her base stats are very low , her movement is shit , her skills are clunky ,her plants behave dump and oddly, because of that i think she could receive some adjumstments. (what i find worth to mention is , that shyvana and even jax received buffs , did they really need them more than other champions do? was that necessary?) (also, english is not my main language ,and that was my first forum post, please excuse the mistakes)
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