You want to know why some of us defend the Mord rework?

Its because us toplaners are kinda, ya know, sick of being shafted day and night with jgs being the only way to win the lane. 6+ seasons of the same old same old shit, and top's pretty much a sad joke. Morde is about as much "influence" a toplaner can dream of in the current state of toplane. Maybe if everyone who kept brushing off top's situation as a "non-issue" stopped doing that and actually supported us, we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with (because toplane would have some type of balancing structure, meaning numbers would be better tuned). I can deal with his passive being tuned, but why go through all the trouble to do even more nerfs on top? Better be ready to pull off some of those base stat nerfs next patch. Its gonna hurt him A LOT.

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