How would YOU bring balance to the game?

We all know LOL balance is a joke. But everyone has different opinions on how to best address the issue. Attempting to sharpen Champ Identities and Builds are probably a good place to start. So what lever best helps to improve the state of the game? Whenever Tanks are mentioned, Off-tanks/Bruisers ({{champion:86}} , {{champion:122}} , {{champion:266}} , etc) are NOT included. Tanks are champs like {{champion:36}} , {{champion:32}} , {{champion:12}} , etc. 1. Increase Base tank stats for tanks, and have more skills scale with tank stats. 2. Decrease base damages on mage supports ({{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} etc., NOT enchanters like {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} 3. AD / AP Assassin skills scale with Lethality / MPen, and more item selections for armor and MR Busting. 4. Increase costs (CD and/or Mana) for dashes/blinks/movement abilities. 5. Lower Costs (CD and/or Mana) for CC/Displacement skills on Tank kits. 6. Make Jungle clear difficulty scale harder. (Damage +, health +) 7. Increase the "control" part of control mages. 8. Standardize Grievous Wounds to 50% Heal Reduction for 4 seconds. 9. Give alternate build paths for {{item:3123}} and {{item:3191}} . 10. Remove ward cap, but trinket CD no longer decreases with level. There are reasons behind each suggestion, and I will post them if you folks want me to. EDIT: Lots of good ideas in the comments, but can y'all please use the poll? maybe pick the one that most closely resembles your thoughts? =)
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