Initial Juggernaut Thoughts

Hey all, Wanted to share our initial reactions to how the reworked juggernauts are doing so far, give you folks a bit of context into what we're thinking/planning: * Darius: Looks like he's potentially a bit on the weak side. Investigating possible buffs (most likely laning focused) should that prove to be true. * Garen: Potentially a bit strong, might be in an ok spot though, still assessing. * Mordekaiser: Too early to say. Seems to be at least in the right ballpark, since we're seeing a roughly appropriate mixture of success and failure. Lot of people relearning how to play as and against though, so can't judge usefully yet. * Skarner: Way too strong. We'll likely hotfix nerf as a result (start of next week is what we're looking at, which would be the earliest available opportunity)

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