Fizz is broken

It happened one time that I didn't ban Fizz and enemy picked Fizz... I outfarmed him, killed him a few times and denied him from farming, what he did ? When he bought his Lich Bane he started going Bot and one-shotting both my adc and support/adc had 10 kills and was dying to R and Q from Fizz that was 1/3/ All of his abilities deal insane damage are on a very low cooldown and the only thing that can stop an assassin from murdering your whole team is CC, which he can just ignore by pressing his E button that also deals massive damage, his Ultimate has a long range and the fish automatically attaches to you If he Q + R's you while mid Q'ing and on top of that It has 3 CC on his R, 1st time you are slowed when the fish is attached, then you are knocked up by the fish and If you somehow survived the fish you are then slowed again... His W also deals massive damage and resets on kill and deals damage overtime, he cannot be blocked by minions thanks to his passive which for my surprise doesn't deal damage... I'm waiting for people to downvote and tell me "jUsT l2P dUdE"...
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