I missed when Tanks can be, y'know, TANKS

I missed the time when a Tanks' job is to be as resistant as possible and to absorb most of the damage in for the team while comes at the cost of not being highly mobile & damaging. But... - {{champion:14}} Damage & resistance buffed up to a point where he can build HP/AD, and just straights up chunking turrets down whilst ignoring everything else around him, hence introduces the unhealthy "Inting Sion" strat. I mean as a Sion main myself, I love the buffs they granted him, but I felt that it's just too much. Maybe just the W buff is good enough, but the Q damage should've stayed the same rather than being buffed just for the sake of prioritizing Q maxing than E. - {{champion:516}} Most of his CC power & self-protection got nerfed/removed a lot in exchange for more damage & highly calculated CC duration depending on the usability of his kit. I can't say much for now, so we'll see in preseason. - {{champion:113}} Was already in a bad spot to being with, and still resulted in having more of her CC removed for more damage. As of now, her changes is REVERTED, but I'm just more worried about how her future state could've ended up as.
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