I think today is finally the day i quit league

The game is just at a sorry state, ive been playing since season 4 and have had accounts from bronze all the way to plat. 1. Its a team game that puts too much pressure on an individual because in solo-que there is rarely a "team" everyone is running around doing what they want and then either flame or troll. 2. The balance team is a joke. Conqueror is ridiculously busted, god forbid you play anything outside of a bruiser, unless you play absurd champs like vlad, talon, wukong. 3. The game is so damn snowbally, yoy can literally lose a game in the first 10 mins. The average game time now is about 25-30 which is also ridiculous. That literally destroys any hope of you being able to play a champ you enjoy , that scales. 4. The community seems to lack basic common sense. The treat ranked games like its a COD deathmatch and just chases a kill, no one plays around objectives, or has any basic concept of champion select matchups. 5. Out the dozens of champs available, literally only 10-15 are even relevent. 6. Why the fck does ignite proc electrocute? It is time to move on, i am sure i wont be missed, but i can assume others are leaving for similar reasons
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